With the dramatic impact the COVID 19 epidemic is having on the world, the workforce has been forced to instantly adopt a new way of working. Once thought of as a luxury, Work from Home is fast becoming the only way to go. At morphos we’re always looking to embrace new working methods, so we’ve put together a list of ways to make the most of your WFH solution!

Invest in the Right Home Office Furniture & Tech

There is nothing worse than sitting through an entire working day in an uncomfortable chair, I’m sure your back will agree. Finding the right office chair with generous lumbar support, adjustable seat, arms and back, will ensure maximum comfort, making you more productive with your time spent ‘at work’. Of course, investing in an expensive office chair for only a short period may not be the best idea, so other options such as loan furniture, or demo stock may provide a cheaper solution.

Making sure you have all the right tools for you to WFH is essential but goes beyond the right furniture. Having the right home computer, relevant software and access to your company server is also key. The last thing you’d want out of your WFH set up is to struggle getting through the workload because of basic system failures, or productivity dropping due to an ineffective hardware setup.

Dedicated Working Hours

Try to stick to your normal working hours or set yourself a daily schedule. This way you’ll be able to keep in routine and won’t leave the door open for procrastination or boredom.

That being said, WFH must also acknowledge the opportunities for flexibility. The aim of a schedule is to maximise your productivity but doesn’t need to impede on your other commitments or activities. If you feel like a sleep in is what you need to do, then do it. Perhaps you work an hour later or make up the time the next day. As long as you’re not letting your team down, do what works best for you!

Taking Breaks/Going Outside

Make the most of being at home! It’s important to take breaks during your working hours, so make use of the amenities available to you, watch some Netflix while you eat your lunch, go for a walk while you take a phone call or do some washing between tasks. Don’t be afraid to change up your routine just because you’re still working.

Keep Communication With Your Team

Regular communication is essential to keep your team motivated and in the loop, to maintain those important work relationships and to support one another through tough times. Schedule conference calls as frequently as you may normally have met, or more, taking advantage of the huge variety of platforms available to us today. Just because you aren’t in the office together doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected and have fun with your work friends!

Create an Environment That Inspires You

With WFH now the norm for the foreseeable, it’s important to have a dedicated working space to keep focused and allow you to be comfortable in your working environment. Remember, you may be working here for multiple hours a day. Choose a space near a window, with plenty of light and fresh air. Re-purpose an old desk and give it personality, pot some plants and scatter them around your new office, hang up an artwork or a pinboard and add images or quotes that make you happy. The idea is to create a space that you want to spend time in, a space that will encourage productivity.