If your organisation is considering an office fitout, one of the first questions to be answered is – how much does an office fitout cost?

Most companies faced with this question won’t have the slightest idea where to start, and that’s ok, because its not a simple question to answer. However, in answering it you will begin setting expectations and start aligning your stakeholders and key decision makers. 

When you ask an office design and fitout company, they will need to dig much deeper into what you are looking to achieve before they are comfortable enough to start providing guidance on budgets. Fitout companies are conscious of taking too conservative approach and not being competitive when compared against other businesses, or setting expectations too low and having to deliver bad news of budget blowouts down the track.

There are many variables to consider when assessing how much an office fitout costs. It requires a structured process to begin determining the budget required, and this is where organisations without experience can struggle.

Before speaking to office design and fitout suppliers, here are a few questions you should attempt to answer to gain an understanding of your needs so you can effectively brief the market.

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