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The design intent behind Zumtobel’s new Crows Nest showroom, was to create an impressive and welcoming space that aligned with the branding values of the company’s global facilities. Describing themselves as a ‘leader in innovation’ when it comes to quality lighting systems for interior spaces, the design needed to incorporate Zumtobel’s own products, which meant working closely with the client on more detailed aspects of the project.

Located in a 1920’s Georgian Revival style Heritage Building, the internal building works were kept to a minimum, with the built environment being placed away from the full height historic windows, leaving the space feeling open, but not empty. The open workspace, placed purposely to the side of the showroom, gives the staff enough privacy, without compromising the gentle appeal of the space by introducing additional walls or hard divides to create separation.

The colour palette was kept monochromatic, in line with the corporate branding; not that the space was lacking any accents. Smooth and glossy textures were used to amplify the natural and artificial lighting in the space, with hints of timber finishes to cut through the brightness with a touch of warmth.

The kitchen/bar area was a showpiece of the showroom, used regularly by staff, but also accommodating use for entertaining clients, and larger corporate events. Placed centrally to be a focal point of the design, it included a large island bench in Natural Carrara Marble finish and custom aluminum framing, with Zumtobel’s own lighting integrated into the feature shelving. The final touch on the design was new illuminated signage on the exterior, that complemented the building façade, along with a restoration of the tired awning to align with Zumtobel’s corporate colours.

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