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Opening up their first office in the Sydney CBD, The Leadership Circle approached Morphos with the intention of reinforcing their brand within the Sydney market with a permanent space.  With staff predominantly working from home or remotely the office was designed to be an agile space, to function as a hub for the company’s events, as well as providing a base out of which regular staff can operate.

With constant exposure to clientele, incorporating company branding into the space was an important design requirement. Utilising the built environment,  glazed partitions displayed the Leadership Circle logo.  The palette for the space was also selected to reflect the Leadership Circle brand, with design details throughout the office nicely complementing the colour scheme.

The functions of the fitout were designed predominantly to cater for the Leadership Circles training programs, the core of their business. An expansive training room, accommodating up to 25 people, was positioned to take advantage of the natural light and harbour views. With no requirement for a formal reception or waiting area, a large kitchen and generous open floor area was instead integrated into the entrance way, centrally located to cater to the groups coming through the training space. The workstation area provides an agile space for travelling staff to set down, while the layout accounts for collaborative and team oriented work.