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    Sydney CBD

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Situated in the heart of Sydney’s financial district, Skyone Capital looked to Morphos to design and construct their contemporary new office within the prestigious Aurora Place. A private investment company, Skyone Capital required a modern and vibrant design for the space which followed Feng Shui principles and capitalised on the floor plate.

Spatial planning was essential in ensuring the space worked for Skyone Capital functionally, and at the same time, expressed the concept and design objectives our team proposed. The boardroom was placed centrally within the space, creating a natural divide between the front of house waiting area and general workspace. Maximising the natural light was a crucial design element; glass partitions were used throughout the tenancy to encourage light transference and prevent the space feeling restrictive.

To add an element of luxury and detail, custom joinery skims over curved glass walls to the Boardroom and Offices. Accent lighting and an ombre film detail further emphasise the design, creating a centrepiece to the overall space, while also serving a functional purpose as open storage.