• Delivery Model

    Design & Construct

  • Location

    Sydney CBD

  • Size

    400 sqm

Sequoia Asset Management/Financial Group is a financial services provider offering wealth management services, corporate advisory, and investment products. With the pending development plans at their previous location, Sequoia engaged Morphos to design and construct their latest Sydney offices, accommodating the Sequoia Financial Group, as well as subsidiary firms Finance News Network & Morrison Securities.

The brief was to create a space with a masculine edge, blending modern design within a functional environment that captured creativity and innovation. The abundance of natural light was taken advantage of; ensuring the light extended to all corners of the space, while also enhancing the view of the Sydney skyline and harbor below.

Morphos designed the space around sleek interior finishes, playing with moody colours and textures to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The office needed to intrigue visitors as well as staff. This was achieved through the careful curation of furniture, fixtures and finishes.

Stepping into the reception you are greeted with a cigar lounge vibe, featuring leather chesterfield lounges paired with timber, marble and brass elements. These raw elements of timber and leather were used throughout the space, maintaining the desired edgy atmosphere. A charcoal painted brick was used to complement the furniture which created a warm and moody atmosphere. The inclusion of simplistic furniture in the kitchen/breakout area ensured the space didn’t draw too much attention away from the spectacular view, but still left room for the beloved ping-pong table.

One unique element of the fit-out was designing a studio room, catering for the Finance News Network arm of the business. Used as a live news studio and recording space, the room needed to remain functional with acoustic treatment and specialist lighting, while maintaining a similar aesthetic to the other areas of the office. The studio was located within view of the reception area to allow visitors to have a clear idea of the inner workings of the business.

We were excited about this brief from day one and it is evident in the final product that a lot of love and personality were injected into the project from both Morphos and Sequoia.