• Delivery Model

    Design & Construct

  • Location

    Sydney CBD

  • Size

    553 sqm

Paxus is a leading recruitment specialist, connecting thousands of candidates to jobs within the technology and digital sectors every year. Moving into their new CBD location, the company were looking to bring a fresh perspective to their office design, and engaged Morphos to carry out the design and construction of the space.

Developed to be an agile work environment, the space had to be designed to include client facing areas, interview rooms and collaboration areas, while accommodating the day-to-day needs of staff.

Being part of the Adcorp Group, the front-of-house was designed to have a neutral and minimal look which would provide the flexibility for other Adcorp brands to easily move in alongside Paxus. The unique entrance way was designed to ‘wow’ visitors, and create a seamless separation from the general work area.

Using unique furniture selections, finishes and colours, interview rooms were designed to have individual themes, but still work well together to create a relaxed atmosphere that carries through the reception area, and adjacent boardroom.

The back of house was designed to accommodate Paxus new way of working, promoting agility and collaboration through a combination of traditional workstations, hot-desking and open meeting areas. Adjoining the general workspace are meeting areas and quiet rooms, designed to provide options to staff, and once again maintain flexibility for future expansion. Designed to be open, light and airy, the kitchen and breakout area featured custom joinery to create the perfect accent to the space with different seating options and plenty of room for small team lunches to large scale corporate events.