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After experiencing a period of positive growth in their business and an increase in staff, Hello Social quickly realized they were in need of additional office space and made the decision to integrate a recently vacated neighboring tenancy into their own. Morphos were tasked with the redesign of their Surry Hills HQ – an opportunity to redefine their office with new character, vibrance and energy, all qualities that define the business.

From the entrance, you are met with the striking colours of yellow, black and white that are scattered throughout the interior. An important aspect of the brief was integrating the company’s brand and values throughout the space. A simple reception and waiting area provide guests visibility through the whole office, while soft separations like a planter and feature screen ensure staff feel free to move about in their own areas.

A generous kitchen and breakout stand out in the space; with harsh, black kitchen cabinetry and oversized joinery units the space manages to find the perfect balance between openness and enclosure while maintaining a connection to the rest of the office.

With an emphasis on fun, branding and graphic details are employed to further convey culture. Meeting rooms are given personality, obtrusive columns are brought to life with custom graffiti and film details on the boardroom and meeting room fronts add an extra pop of colour and character. The design plays on the building’s architecture, with exposed ceilings and raw concrete details complementing the bright colours and greenery.

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