Morphos is excited to announce the completion of the Objective Project, up on the top floor of North  Sydney’s newest commercial development. Along with the client, we are thrilled with the end result and look forward to attending the 2017 MBA Excellence in Construction Awards Night where this project has been nominated.

Objective is a leading industry provider of quality information and press government software solutions. Morphos was enlisted to implement their fit out after the company relocated their office to the top floor of a new elite building in North Sydney.

Moving on up to level 30, it was important that their fit out conveyed a sense of confidence and progress – one that inspired optimism and positivity amongst staff and new and existing customers. The environment needed to be digitally focused, connected and collaborative yet permeate a practical and functional dynamic in-line with their government values.

The client wanted a space that was sharp and modern to align with the progressive nature of technology and their work in the industry. With this brief in mind, a concept was derived marrying tech with nature. This was to encapsulate the tech heavy essence the company embodies and balance it with nature, offsetting the digital with a positive space that encouraged staff and visitors to feel a sense of calm. The fit out needed to not only supports Objective’s values of integrity and tenacity but imbue a sense of community where the environment felt productive and nurturing.

This was achieved by incorporating bold and sharp design features within the space that are then softened by the inclusion of natural elements such as the expansive green walls, the transitional pebble-look feature carpet and beautiful timber veneer seen through the furniture and joinery details.

Custom Carbon fibre detailing that is highly engineered and extremely strong has been used throughout. It is seen in the lockers, reception desk, custom coffee machine and table joinery details. The bold aesthetic of this material further enhances the excess of high end AV products that are also included in all the meeting rooms. This carbon detailing contrasts beautifully with the surrounding greenery; incorporated into reception desk, custom locker bays, handles and meeting tables.

The overall design features recurring timber veneer to reiterate the presence of natural materials within the space; the cafés feature ceiling particularly showcases this finish which is paired with recessed LED transitional colour strips. These can transitionally change colour which creates different atmospheres within the café. Adding an extra level of detail to create visual interest and flexibility in ambiance. The perfect balance of tech and nature.

Finally, to encourage transparency and collaboration the office silos were broken down and the desks are all open plan and on show for all to see. There are no hidden rooms or private areas, it’s a collaborative space that has been designed to make a positive impression on customers, partners and potential employees.

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