Nearmap is a digital technology firm providing high-level aerial photography to clients across a variety of industries. Priding themselves on delivering the most up-to-date content to their clients, Nearmap develop and implement technology to capture high resolution imagery for large scale projects across the world. With a growing company, Nearmap engaged Morphos to undertake the design and construction of their new Sydney office, at the prestigious Barangaroo Towers. Overlooking the picturesque Sydney Harbour foreshore, Morphos were tasked with finding a design solution that supported Nearmap’s culture and addressed their business needs.

Morphos worked closely with the client to find key objectives for the project, the main outcomes being; to design a space that would reinforce the corporate identity through a strong aesthetic, provide a collaborative environment for employees and ensure flexibility for growth, all while meeting the very specific technical needs of the business.

A strong sense of pride in Nearmap’s achievements is felt throughout the space, with the business identity reflected in consistent large scale graphics, examples of their work and colours from their corporate palette while the planning and furniture selections support the team’s needs and culture.

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