It’s now been 10 years since Sean Wilcox and Rohan Panikkar moved on from the previous practice where they had worked together and started Morphos.

Over the years they have developed the business and with the assistance of excellent staff, have completed a great number of successful projects for a diverse range of organisations, big and small.

“We’re proud of achieving the milestone and look forward to many more great years to come”, said Wilcox, who also said that “The success and longevity of Morphos has come from a commitment to responding to the needs and wants of our clients and providing the best possible solution, without the headaches”.

Rohan made the point that “Morphos has enjoyed the benefit of a great number of repeat clients over the years, as well as the support of some of the best suppliers and trades in the industry, both appreciating the way we go about achieving the results.”

Morphos would like to thank their current and past clients, trades, suppliers and supporters.

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