Have some unanswered questions about our services and what we can do for you? Check out some of our FAQ for more insight into how morphos can help you with your next fit out project. Feel free to reach out to our team if you’d like to have a more detailed conversation about our services.

How would Morphos help with my fit-out requirement?

The services offered by Morphos can include the entire process from initial project planning to execution. With both design and project management under the one roof, we have the capacity to provide our services in a range of delivery models, including, design only, design & construct, managing/head contractor or construction management. From our experience, a design and construct solution offers the most complete method of engagement for our clients, providing better coordination, time and cost savings and certainty of outcome.

What is a Design & Construct (D&C) solution? 

A D&C Solution is a method of project delivery where both the design and construction aspects of the project are carried out and/or coordinated by a single provider. The Morphos team consists of a knowledgeable and talented interior design and project management team, who work together to provide a turn key fit out solution, managing every aspect of the process from initial briefing, through design documentation, approvals and the build.

How can I ensure I am receiving fair value without direct exposure to trades?

One of the advantages of a D&C solution is regular communication of costs as the design progresses, which is often initially priced internally. As the project progresses, costs are validated in competitive situations with individual contractors and suppliers. To ensure fair value, Morphos are happy to accommodate client needs for transparency and surety of value, with an open book and or working with a client nominated QS or Superintendent.

Will the works for my project be tendered?

This may depend on the scale of work and delivery method. In some instances, minor works or tasks specifically undertaken by Morphos staff will be priced internally. However, generally, all major costs will be competitively priced and reviewed with you.

When is the right time to start thinking about my fit out needs?

You can never be too well prepared, but it’s always good to start considering your fit out needs and costs once you’ve made the decision that a move is on the cards.

What are the key costs associated with an office fit out?

Fit out costs vary from client to client, and even building to building. It can be difficult to pinpoint the areas of a fit out that are most significant to your budget, but services such as air conditioning, electrical & data and hydraulics can take up a sizeable proportion of the fit out cost, and is often influenced by requirements outside of a client or contractors control. Other nice-to-haves are completely scalable and can take more or less of your budget depending on client preference.

I’m working with a tenant representative, do I still need to talk to Morphos?

Absolutely. While a tenant representative is a good place to start when bringing onboard expert advice for your move, their expertise often ends with matters relating to the lease. The specialised experience and understanding needed to carry out a fit out project is what Morphos brings to the table, and are well suited to working alongside your tenant rep. to provide further commentary on your property options, beyond the rent and lease terms.

Should I get Morphos involved if I am still inspecting properties?

As referred to above, morphos expert knowledge of buildings and requirements make us an invaluable asset even from the early stages of your property search. Our external support and direction can help ensure the property brief will suit the current and future needs of your business.

What is a test fit and how can it benefit me?

A test fit is a floor plan based on a preliminary scope or brief that helps a client assess and validate a potential property option, ensuring it is sufficient for the required needs of the business. Test fits provided by a D&C firm can also help flag potential cost and timing implications that may arise further in the design process, and identify possible alternatives.

What is the approximate timeframe for a complete office fit out?

Typical fit out projects can take 10 – 12 weeks, including a detailed briefing process, design development, documentation, approvals and construction. The scale and complexity to the requirement and nature of the building accommodating the Fitout can add or reduce to timing, so get in touch early so we can best advise on the required timeframes.

Will morphos handle the entire approvals process on my behalf?

Yes! Once engaged morphos will handle all approvals for the works, including building owner approvals and construction certification, including development certificates, heritage exemptions and DA’s.