The Morphos Factory has once again been busy, with site manager Amon working on several projects for our current and up-and-coming fit-outs.  Some of our recently completed work for Spencer Travel, Visual Risk and spec-suites for AEW Capital gave us the opportunity to create a few custom designed elements in our workshop, and put our in-house fabrication skill on full display.

The project for AEW Capital saw the use of planter boxes in all four suites of the spec fit-out, all designed and manufactured by Morphos. The process, taking between 1 & 3 weeks, involved taking an original Morphos design, steel fabricating and welding, before powder coating and adding finishing touches.

A custom-designed breakout table was also used in the space, providing a central feature to a breakout space in one of the four suites. The finished products are a perfect representation of Morphos’ ability to tailor our work to our clients’ needs and provide unique solutions.

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