Our talented in-house design team work through an extensive process to help our clients grasp proposed concepts that will bring their space to life. An example of this would be the production of mood boards.

The design process involves working closely with the client to establish a strong understanding of what they are looking for. With careful research and consideration of the bigger picture we are able to develop and deliver the right design solution, both aesthetically and functionally.

Mood boards are one element of the process that helps our Designers visually express the atmosphere they are aiming to create in the space. This aids the process of design development through to sign-off and is a great tool to get staff excited about a new move.

Mood boards are created by collecting and curating images from a range of sources. Although the images are indicative of the final design, the idea behind them is to show the client the source of inspiration for design choices. They allow our Designers to visually express how the colours, materials, finishes and furnishings work together to create the feeling of the new space. The end result is a refined product that works.

Here are a few examples from one of our latest projects, with the mood board on the left alongside the delivered result.

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