Plants are a vital element when styling an office, to create an atmosphere that connects an otherwise artificial space with the natural world. Our fit-out for Spencer Travel was enhanced through the inclusion of greenery, as well as a colour palette to match.


Biophilia hypothesis is the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connection with nature and other living systems. When it comes to workplace design, it is no secret that the use of plants and indoor greenery dramatically enhance the design of a space, benefitting the office both environmentally and aesthetically. So what should you consider when introducing plants into your office space?

Not only do plants bring color, vibrancy and a little more happiness to a work space, it has been proven that plants in the workplace have several health benefits such as better air quality and a clearer ability to focus. Our little green friends also bring moisture to the environment, which is proven to help against headaches and sore throats and let’s be honest, walking into a beautiful office every morning makes us feel as though we can conquer the world.

Incorporating office plants into the design of a space is a win-win situation, as employees are more comfortable, focused and satisfied with their work environment and employers will notice fewer sick days, a more positive company culture, and enhanced productivity all-round.


Our friends at Floral Interiors recently supplied us with an exotic array of artificial plants for our jungle inspired fit-out at Visual Risk and the feedback has been phenomenal.


But why stop at living plants? Even artificial plants (for those of us that lack a green thumb) can have a significant impact on the culture of the office and positively lift mood and well-being. Although they have no impact on the air quality, decorative plants in the workplace can create a more relaxed and uplifting environment for staff to work. Artificial plants have become increasingly popular and we are starting to see them pop up more regularly in the commercial fit-out industry. Not only do they provide the same aesthetic appeal of natural plants, the benefit of their low maintenance allows designers and clients to make better use of them throughout the space.


Planter walls are a great way to divide a space without making the user feel constricted in their environment. It also adds to the vibrancy of the space, as seen in our recent refurbishment for Yaffa Media.


Plants are a vital part of human existence so why not include them in our day to day life? They are no longer a simple design element used to brighten a space; plants have become a key factor in the interior design process. Their unique quality of providing health benefits to employees, while being a must-have piece of décor makes it a hard-to-pass addition to the workplace. It is our job to implement biophilic design into our projects, and push our spaces to meet this new health and well-being standard that has been set.