CorVal is a specialist property fund manager and investor that manages funds on behalf of a broad range of investors. They came to us with the vision of creating a memorable space ideal for potential tenants that would encourage and invite them to use effectively.

To achieve this, a concept was derived whereby functionality was at the forefront, allowing tenants to move in and start working straight away without hassle or a breakdown in productivity.

To construct this user friendly space, the office was fitted out with a reception area, front of house boardroom, workstations, kitchen and breakout area plus an Informal meeting space that could be adapted as required for any company taking on the tenancy.

A neutral theme was specifically chosen so new tenants could tailor their company branding and décor if they desired.  Fresh blues and calm greys were also selected to create a serene atmosphere that would appeal to the majority of potential tenants and again have the versatility to change with the evolving tenancy.

To add a decorative statement, the entire space plays on a mix between sharp geometric shapes and smooth clean surfaces and colours. The geometric elements are complimented by the smooth and elegant textures in the kitchen and boardroom joinery along with the fresh clean lines of the workstations.

To continue the theme throughout, the reception floor was laid in a herringbone pattern along with light textured timber, achieving a dynamic atmosphere as soon as you enter the office.

Timeless navy and gold geometric wallpaper was applied throughout cementing the subtle yet consistent geometric theme.

The space although practical and adaptable, also has a unique look and feel with quirky reception furniture, geometric meeting chairs and sleek grey divider screens. All in all, a timeless and classic fitout with a touch of personality to tie it all together.

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