We were thrilled to work with Axieo again, after designing their Sydney Head office in 2015- we were enlisted to design their Melbourne Head office too. Axieo are leaders in Science innovation, developing solutions for the food and nutrition, plastics, agriculture and mining sectors. Being such an innovative company we made it our key focus to ensure their fit out was just as innovative and forward thinking as the essence of their brand. Their Sydney office is open, natural and light filled so it made sense to continue the momentum for their Melbourne office and exude the same sense of style with a modern yet calm interior.

To achieve this, we decided that the most important factor to a well-functioning office space is workplace interaction, where engagement with staff is imperative. We knew that it was vital that staff felt they could come together and collaborate in an environment that encouraged interaction and a dynamic culture. To achieve this, we introduced a breakout zone that staff could share ideas or just share a conversation and a cup of tea. This became the central focus for the office space and everything else was built around this concept of an open door policy.

With a focus on Feng shui, the positioning and placement of furniture and ornaments was considered carefully, cementing the theme of a calm and a happy culture. Adding to the mix was the execution of natural light and greenery – having plants in the office creates a sense of freshness and vibrancy and mixed with natural light it abandons the perception that an office space has to be stale and dimly lit – instead the result achieved is a sense of wellness for all staff.

Keeping the colours warm, with hints of bronze and timber peppered throughout makes for an elegant yet rustic design. Abandoning the hierarchy of normal offices, a multifunction CEO office was created, serving a multitude of purposes including office meetings, entertaining and of course working. This open door policy and collaborative vibe rounds out Axieo Kew’s transparent, open and warm fit out where staff collaboration is of the utmost importance.

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