• Delivery Model

    Design & Construct

  • Location

    Bondi Junction

  • Size

    442 sqm

Project Description

Leapfrog invests capital, to help businesses grow and be profitable so that in turn they can achieve a social change in our society. They are completely in the business of giving back, so when it came to the design of their office fit out, we wanted a space that reflected the philanthropic essence their company embodies.
With that in mind, a concept was derived around giving back to staff, encouraging and rewarding them for their individuality plus the difference they make to our society with their commitment, hard work and unwavering dedication. To achieve this, we set out to create a space that was playful and inviting yet offered staff members a variety of areas they could pick and choose to reside in depending on their mood or sense of focus.
The space itself already offered a fantastic architectural structure with incredible spherical window frames – allowing the building and fit out to work well together creating spatial opportunities that appreciate the framed views beyond.
The colour palette chosen is monochromatic with pops of bold blues and dynamic yellows. This balanced and offset by comfortable and inviting furniture ensuring the space was not only youthful and striking visually but also welcoming and homely. Given the work they do, there needed to be a level of comfort and ease.
Fun and collaborative spaces were installed to inject a sense of unity, inviting staff members to come together. These included a breakout area and kitchen that all feature high benches for casual catch ups and cosy meeting booths to have team brain storms or a nice break for lunch. The rooms décor is modern and vibrant with wire frame chairs in a monochromatic palette which brazenly contrasts the bright yellow feature wall. A Ping pong table zone features proudly in the breakout room igniting a sense of fun and an opportunity for staff interaction.
A ‘Hex Zone’ was installed featuring low booths and ottomans, inviting people to step away from their desks and collaborate in a different area. Being a multifunctional space it found its name through the hexagon carpet tiles on the floor. The aim of the space is to create a variation in working experience, offering a different environment to brainstorm or work away from the usual workspace or meeting rooms. While collaboration is encouraged the design also factors in that sometimes people want to sit autonomously, the variance in spaces cater for this perfectly.
By using a combination of regular meeting room furniture and lounge room style arrangements we provided different environments for people to come together, realizing that some environments may be better suited to different tasks or meeting agendas. One meeting area maintains a professional feel with meeting table and chairs, while the other was furnished with upholstered pieces including armchairs, lounges, rugs and floor lamps creating a lounge room setting ideal for more casual affairs.
The overall fit out respects individuality and honours how different environments can encourage different results. A vibrant space that gives back to such a dynamic business.