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Project Description

CESPHN are in the business of well-being, ensuring people receive the right care in the right place at the right time. When they came to us wanting an upgrade we wanted to make sure that their office environment was as nurturing as the service they offered.
We decided that a front of house upgrade was vital to implementing this and embarked on creating an impactful reception area that instantly felt open and welcoming to new and familiar faces.
With the idea that happy staff make for a well-functioning office, a ‘collaboration zone’ was also crafted with the goal of encouraging team members to not only interact with one another but to work together and feel part of a team.
To achieve this, we created a hub for the office where staff would feel inspired to join during lunch or for meetings or even for a time out to discuss a project ‘off line”. A colour palette that was neutral and warm was the focus for the look and feel, however subtle touches of black were added to create a dynamic aesthetic including bold lamps and timber shutters as dividers.
Pendant lights are used at the front of house offering a contemporary look – going hand in hand with the simple and understated décor. Warm tones for the furniture are imperative to creating a relaxing yet pristine space that people enjoy visiting.
One of the most important parts of this upgrade was to make the environment feel relaxing and comfortable for staff and new visitors, but to also bring life and zest to the office. By striking the right balance between a soft yet bold palette we feel the space now encourages calm and inspired staff by welcoming interaction, conversation and collaboration.