• Delivery Model

    Design & Construct

  • Location

    Sydney CBD

  • Size

    1048 sqm

Project Description

CBS Interactive is a premium content publisher that houses a variety of dynamic tech-based organisations, including cnet, ZDNet, TechRepublic, Gamespot and more, as well as CBS News and  CBS Sports. They are in the business of information, innovation and ideation so their space needed to reflect this. Our response was a fit out with a homey feel that encourages productivity while maintaining a fun environment.

Adopting an open plan style with zoned areas, we endeavoured to ensure the office encouraged maximum interaction and collaboration among staff members. It’s a creative workspace and needed to showcase and encourage that on every corner. One of the ways we achieved this was by installing whiteboard paint throughout the office, begging the staff to share and discuss ideas at any time of the day.

A combination of informal and formal meeting areas was created, including a dynamic kitchen space with window seating and lounge areas featuring communal dining tables. Other general spaces include a central breakout space perfect for staff to enjoy time together or to take a moment to brainstorm ideas in a relaxed environment.  Decorative details such as hanging pendants with diffused lighting were installed along with wall decals, colourful and mismatched chairs plus pot plants – all to cement the theme of a fun and youthful culture brimming with new ideas.

To add a homey dimension, a brick inspired wallpaper treatment was used giving the space a relaxed and cosy nature. The large pane windows were also left bare so that the view wasn’t lost, providing a clean and open backdrop for the vibrant interior.

Keeping with the theme of creativity, bold colour was injected into each area, cultivating a sense of life and vibrancy into every crevice of the space. As a final nod to such an inspiring workplace, we created a meeting room theme designed of ’Great Australian inventions’ to further encourage creativity, innovation and free thinking.